Seeing the World in Colour w/ Jaleesa Jaikaran

by Brandi Leifso


Makeup Artist, Content Creator and Beauty Business Coach, Jaleesa Jaikaran sees the world in colour.  Hailing from sunny Trinidad, her love for colour and glowy skin is a sentiment of her Caribbean upbringing. Her work has been featured in publications like Elle, Glamour, Essence, Instyle, and Teen Vogue. She is the host and creator of 'The Life of a Makeup Artist' beauty podcast where she shares everything from beauty talk to business chats with industry insiders and founders. Jaikaran has extended those conversations to Clubhouse and owns the largest beauty club on Clubhouse.


 In this episode of Break Things, from New York City  Jaleesa colours our conversation with rhinestones and neon as she shares having to dial it back while waiting for the industry to catch up, remaining curious and creating her own filter 'Natural Gem' on Instagram!